Laplace (also known as the Great Sorceress and Wicked Dragonwhore[1]) is a Sorceress who was sealed away in the Western Wasteland under a mountain by Maxwell the Grand Mage 3000 years ago[1].

History[edit | edit source]

Laplace used to be the only Sorceress in the Empire of Pajan. Her lifespan was so long that people started to wonder if she was immortal or an elf. 300 years ago, Maxwell the Grand Mage sealed her away. He was called a national hero afterwards[1].

She was freed by Tanya Artemiciov when the woman casted Explosion in the Wasteland to let out her anger and one of Tanya's spells broke the mountain under which Laplace was sealed away[1].

After being freed, Laplace changed the weather to try to prove her status as a Sorceress, because Tanya did not trust her words. Also, they fought in a duel, in which Laplace did not attack back, but only defended. As it turned out, she used the force field, so Tanya broke through it with Explosion[1].

When they were approached by a Wyvern, Laplace talked Tanya into changing classes from Mage to Magi-Knight and forged a sword for her out of raw materials in the earth. Tanya heroically killed the Wyvern by herself, with her new class and the sword[1].

Skills[edit | edit source]

She is capable of levitating and nullifying Arcane-level spells such as Explosion. Laplace can also use a mobile, small force field to protect herself. She can control weather with her magic skills[1].

References[edit | edit source]

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